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What is commonly called "Alimony," or money paid to a former spouse pursuant to the terms of the divorce or dissolution is technically called "Spousal Support" in Ohio.  Spousal support is completely different than the separation of property that occurs during a marriage.  Ohio law imposes an obligation to support a spouse as a basis of the marriage contract.  Spousal support is an allowance for sustenance which one spouse can be compelled to pay to the other when they are living apart or have been divorced.  This means that after initial separation and while divorce proceedings are ongoing a temporary spousal support order can be obtained as enforcement of the legal obligation to support one's spouse financially.  The court must find good cause to grant temporary spousal support during the pendency of divorce proceedings.  If you are seeking spousal support you can talk to a spousal support attorney today by calling (614) 610-9988.  The spousal support attorneys at Harris & Engler practice in Columbus, greater Franklin County, Delaware County, Union County, Fairfield County, and Greater Central Ohio. 

Eligibility for Spousal Support in Ohio

The standard by which the court decides whether or not to award spousal support is whether an award would be 'appropriate and reasonable.'  There are a number of factors the court looks at in deciding to award spousal support.  The length of marriage is one of the most important factors.  Some of the statutory factors that courts will look at in deciding whether or not to award spousal support are:

  • Income of the parties
  • Relative earning ability of the parties
  • Ages and physical and emotional condition of the parties
  • Retirement benefits
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Residential parent's homemaker/child rearing duties inconsistent with seeking employment
  • Standard of living established during marriage
  • Relative extent of education of the parties
  • Relative assets and liabilities of the parties
  • Relative contributions
  • Tax consequences of spousal support on the parties

Length of Spousal Support Payments

If spousal support is awarded, the amount of time that a spouse will receive support varies widely.  Courts will look at the length of marriage, age of the parties and whether or not one spouse was a homemaker with little opportunity to develop a career.  Each case is unique, and if any spousal support is awarded at all, the length of time for which it is awarded can be vastly different depending on those factors.  

Columbus Spousal Support Attorneys

The attorneys at Harris & Engler help clients going through divorces in Columbus and greater Central Ohio.  If you qualify for spousal support, the attorneys at Harris & Engler will do everything possible to maximize your support award and duration.  Simply call (614) 610-9988 to speak with at attorney at Harris & Engler today.

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