Divorce Separation Agreements in Ohio

A separation agreement is a document that is prepared and filed in a divorce or dissolution case that settles all property issues between a divorcing couple.  The only time a separation agreement is not filed in a divorce is if the couple simply cannot agree on the terms of property division throughout the entire duration of the divorce case, the divorce case has a trial, and then the judge decides how to divide the couple's property though a court order called a Judgment Entry.  A separation agreement deals with all issues of real property, retirement accounts, debts, vehicles, bank accounts, spousal support, furniture, and generally every single thing owned or owed by the couple obtaining a divorce.

Usually an attorney is needed to properly prepare and negotiate a separation agreement.  However, some individuals that represent themselves in a divorce (called "pro se" representation) prepare their own separation agreement.  This can sometimes be done "pro se" if there are really no assets or debts from the marriage and the parties agree to simply keep their own "household goods and furniture" as they agree amongst themselves.  On the Ohio Supreme Court website there are forms that are often used in divorces and dissolutions and a separation agreement form can be found here.

For all other divorces or dissolutions where there is a house or other real property or retirement accounts involved, then it is certainly most advisable to retain an attorney.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler help clients obtain divorces and dissolutions in Columbus and all around Central Ohio.

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