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Attorney Evan T. Engler is a Columbus, Ohio based civil lawsuit attorney and partner at Harris Engler LLC who has been helping sexual assault and rape victims obtain compensation for their injuries.  If you're looking for a sexual assault or rape civil attorney then that means that you or a loved one has likely experienced the tragic and traumatic event of being sexually assaulted.  

A sexual assault affects different people in different ways.  There are different degrees or categories of sexual assault.  Sometimes there is physical injury.  Sometimes there isn't.  There's almost always a mental injury with a sexual assault.  It is important to recognize the mental injuries resulting from a sexual assault and to take actions that will ultimately help to impove the way you feel about yourself and your circumstances.  There are counselors and mental health professionals that are experienced in helping victims of sexual assault and you should seek them out.  Evan T. Engler is experienced in representing sexual assault victims file civil lawsuits to obtain monetary compensation for their injuries.  It can be difficult to think about whether you want to sue your perpetrator in civil court for your injuries.  Sometimes there are other creative ways to get around this.  For example, the employer of the perpetrator may be partially at fault for the sexual assault.  Often times the perpetrator of your assault is either in jail or is separately dealing with criminal charges for their conduct.  If you're going to go through the trouble of filing a civil lawsuit against the person who sexually assaulted you then you want to make sure you actually have the best chance possible at recovering money from the person.  As the old adage goes, "you can't squeeze blood from stone".  This means that if the perpetrator is in jail or otherwise has no readily ascertainable assets then you may have to look elsewhere to see if you can recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

When Should I Get An Attorney Involved After Being Sexually Assaulted?

There is no one size fits all answer here.  At some point after being sexually assaulted, the victim has to decide that they are going to seek justice for what happened to them.  Usually this starts with calling the police and filing a police report about what happened.  If the victim was raped then timing is very important in getting a rape test kit done as soon as possible after the assault.  

Usually a civil attorney is contacted after the police have been contacted.  An exception to this might be if the sexual assault happened a long time ago or when the victim was a minor.  Ohio has various statutes of limitations for different kinds of sexual assault.  This blog will only focus on the civil statute of limitations because Evan T. Engler is only a civil sexual assault attorney.  In general, you should know that you should contact the police as soon as you are able after the sexual assault in order to ensure that the perpetrator is prosecuted.  Otherwise, Ohio Revised Code section 2305.111 provides that a civil lawsuit must be initiated within one (1) year after the assault or battery occurs.  There are some exceptions.  For instance, that date can be extended if you do not know the identity of the person who committed the assault (in that case, the one year clock begins on the date you learn of the perpetrator's identity or should have learned of their identity).  For sexual assault victims who were minors or children at the time of the assault, then they have until they reach age 30 to file a lawsuit (technically the statute says they have up to 12 years after the cause of action accrues and that the cause of action accrues when they reach the age of majority).  However, these statute of limitations only apply if the victim is suing the perpetrator.  There are other types of lawsuits or legal actions that might provide solutions to victims of sexual assault.

What Can a Civil Attorney Do For Me After I've Been Sexually Assaulted?

The true answer is that all a civil attorney can do is try to get you money for your injuries.  It can be emotionally triggering to go through the process of filing a sexual assault lawsuit and attorney Evan T. Engler knows that and does everything possible to protect his clients.  In short, it doesn't make sense for everyone to file a civil lawsuit if they've been sexually assaulted.  It depends on a number of factors.  Attorney Evan T. Engler will only move a sexual assault case forward to a lawsuit in lockstep with his clients if it makes sense to do so.  Oftentimes victims of sexual assault never want to deal with the people who did those terrible things to them again.  In circumstances like that it makes sense to take a deeper look into the circumstances of the assault.  Was the perpetrator a co-worker?  Did the employer do a background check or otherwise have any notice that the perpetrator had a history of sexual assault?  An employer can be held liable for a sexual assault victims injuries if they negligently hired, negligently supervised, or negligently retained the perpetrator.  In situations like this the employer might have received complaints about an individual being creepy towards their coworkers or of other incidents and failed to take appropriate action.  If it can be established that the employer knew or should have known of the perpetrator's history of sexual harassment or sexual assault and they did not take corrective action then they can be held liable for your injuries. 

Sometimes there can be a dangerous location where the owner of the location knows or should have known that there have been a number of sexual assaults in the area.  If that happens, and the owner of the property fails to take corrective action then they too can be held liable.  This type of legal theory has been used against schools and universities before where there have been prior sexual assault incidents in certain areas and the school fails to do anything about it.  

Contact a Sexual Assault Attorney in Ohio

Attorney Evan T. Engler is a civil litigation attorney who represents sexual assault and rape victims throughout Ohio.  Not every situation makes sense to move forward with a civil case for a sexual assault.  However, please feel free to confidentially email or call Evan T. Engler to discuss your circumstances and see if it makes sense to move forward with your sexual assault case.  All contents of your email or voicemail will be completely confidential.  You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call (614) 610-9989 and leave a confidential voicemail or try to schedule a phone consultation.  
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