Ohio Civil Rules of Procedure Amended to Give More Time to Litigators for Summary Judgment Motions

The Supreme Court of Ohio adopted changes to the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, including Civ.R. 6, which was amended to expand the timeline for which a response to a Motion for Summary Judgment is due from 14 days to 28 days.  The timeline for repsonses to all other motion sremains at 14 days and all replies to responses remain at 7 days.  The effective date of the amendment is July 1, 2019.

This is good news for litigators as it provides more time to prepare a response to a motion for summary judgment.  The Central Ohio law firm of Harris & Engler has attorneys well experienced in civil litigation who know the value of a few extra weeks to respond to a motion for summary judgment.  A motion for summary judgment is just one possible tool an attorney can use to try to win a civil lawsuit before trial.  It is an in depth and time intensive motion to prepare.  Two weeks has always been a very short timeline to prepare a response to a motion for summary judgment.  28 days will be better suited to allowing civil litigation attorneys more time to draft well researched and well written responses.