Enforce Your Child Support or Spousal Support Payments in Ohio

If you are owed money from a spousal support obligation or child support obligation that has not been payed, contact an attorney at Harris & Engler for assistance in getting payment.

The attorneys at Harris & Engler can use a variety of tools to obtain your owed spousal and child support.  The termination of a child support order does not affect the fact that you are still owed past due and unpaid child support.  

You can obtain payment of spousal support or child support through a wage withholding order or a certificate of judgment for the amount that is owed.  With a certificate of judgment you obtain a lien on all real property owned by the obligor in the county in which the judgment was obtained.  You could then, if necessary, foreclose on the obligor's property in order to collect your payment.  

Contempt Motions Relating to Your Divorce

When you obtained a divorce or dissolution, all of the documents filed with that final Divorce Decree, including your separation agreement and parenting plan, became orders of the court.  Those orders of the court include things that you were required to do as part of the divorce, such as paying spousal support or child support.  If one party fails to comply with an order of the court, then technically they are in contempt of court.

What To Do When Your Ex Stops Making Child Support or Spousal Support Payments

There are a number of different options at your disposal in case your ex stops making child support payments or spousal support payments.  These options range in both severity and expense.  You can file a motion for an order to show cause (as to why payments are not being made) and obtain a contempt order.  A contempt order will impose a fine and/or imprisonment on the obligor, with increasing penalties for each successive contempt order that is obtained.  

Additionally, Ohio has enacted statutes aimed at enforcing child support by suspending the State licenses of the obligor.  These licenses can range from occupational and professional licenses, recreational licenses, all the way to driver's licenses.  

There are some serious consequences to not paying spousal support or child support in Ohio.  The Ohio legislature has enacted statutes that have some serious bite when it comes to penalties for non-payment.  Contact an attorney at Harris & Engler to talk about how to collect your unpaid spousal support or child support.

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