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Evan T. Engler is an attorney and partner in the Columbus, Ohio law firm of Harris & Engler.  Evan works out of Harris & Engler's offices located on the north side of Columbus, in Worthington.

Evan's law practice is primarily focused on civil litigation and business law.

Evan's civil law practice includes initiation of lawsuits and defending clients against lawsuits that have been filed against them.  This includes personal injury cases, defective work or construction cases, and breach of contract, among other areas.  Evan has a unique perspective on personal injury lawsuits, as he helps clients recover for their injuries resulting from accidents and he also helps clients defend against lawsuits that were filed against them for personal injuries or other reasons.

Evan also helps clients with ERISA claims for long-term disability benefits and life insurance proceeds covered under the federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).  Evan helps clients with ERISA claims for disability and life insurance throughout all of Ohio.  Most people need an ERISA attorney once their claim for disability insurance has been denied or when their claim for life insurance benefits has been denied.  Evan helps clients both through the administrative appeal process and with filing a federal lawsuit against their insurer under ERISA.

Evan's business practice involves business formation, drafting and review of business contracts, including complex business transactions, partnerships, shareholder and ownership disputes, and asset purchases.  Evan helps businesses with regulatory and licensing issues, including help with defending businesses against claims from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Evan also helps businesses defend and initiate lawsuits.

Evan also helps his contractor clients with a multitude of legal issues, including mechanic's lien issues and mechanic's lien litigation.

Evan T. Engler grew up in Worthington, Ohio, obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Ohio State University, obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toledo College of Law, and is admitted to practice law in the State of Ohio and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.  Evan currently lives in Worthington, Ohio with his family.

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