ERISA Disability Attorneys

"ERISA disability" means when you have private disability insurance through your employer.  ERISA is a federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.  You need an ERISA disability attorney when your application for disability insurance benefits has been denied or when you have been receiving disability insurance benefits but the insurance company has decided to stop paying your benefits for one reason or other.

Why Do You Need An Attorney For Denied Disability Claims?

The federal ERISA statute provides a specific set of guidelines and requirements that have to be met by insurance companies who are administering or deciding to deny your disability claim.  These requirements can make it hard for individuals to get their disability insurance benefits reinstated.  That is why if your disability claim gets denied, you need the experienced guiding hand of an ERISA disability attorney to guide you step-by-step through the process of trying to get your disabillity benefits back.

What Does An ERISA Disability Attorney Do?

An ERISA disability attorney knows the specific steps and procedures that must be done to give you the best chance to get your disability insurance benefits back.  Attorney Evan T. Engler is an ERISA disability attorney and partner at Harris & Engler.  Evan T. Engler has vast experience helping disability claimants appeal the denial of their disability insurance or otherwise getting payment for their denied disability benefits.  Attorney Evan T. Engler has been successful at every stage of getting his clients compensation for their disability claims, whether through appeals with the insurance companies themselves or by filing federal lawsuits against the insurance companies that wrongfully deny disability insurance benefits.

For ERISA disability cases, attorney Evan T Engler does not charge any attorney fees unless you get payment for your previously denied disability benefits.  If you don't get payment for your disability case, then you don't pay any attorney fees.  Evan T. Engler is a partner at the Columbus, Ohio based law firm of Harris & Engler and he helps clients whose disability claims have been denied across Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  You can reach ERISA disability attorney Evan T. Engler by calling (614) 610-9988.  
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