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The attorneys at Harris & Engler serve buyers, sellers, lessors, or lessees of commercial real estate in Columbus and Delaware County.  Commercial real estate transactions are typically more complicated than residential transactions.  Commercial real estate usually involves large sums of money and increased liability for both parties.  In commercial real estate transactions, the law presumes that both the buyer and seller are sophisticated parties and does not offer the same kind of protections that exist in the law for residential real estate transactions.  The disclosure rules that apply in residential real estate transactions do not necessarily apply to commercial real estate transactions - it is a buyer beware world in commercial real estate transactions.  You need an experienced commercial real estate lawyer before signing off on any commercial real estate transaction. 

Commercial Real Estate Contract Attorney

It is much more important to hire a lawyer to advise you and to help protect you from the unknowns in a commercial real estate transaction.  Courts will hold both parties to the words of the contract in a commercial real estate transaction, and thus, you should hire an attorney who can counsel you on the ultimate implications of the terms of the contract, and who know what terms should be in the contract in order to offer you the most protection.  Whether you are dealing with the terms of a commercial lease, letter of intent, purchase contract, or LLC issues with regard to the ownership of real estate, the lawyers at Harris & Engler are here to serve you for all of your commercial real estate needs.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler can draw up a commercial real estate contract for you, or review the one that you've been presented with and advise you on it.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions pose additional issues over residential transactions that buyers and sellers need proper advisement on.  Property valuation should be determined by experts.  Commercial property typically has a current and future income stream that must be factored into the sales price.  Furthermore, before the commercial real property is purchased, it is the buyer who has the burden to find any additional facts and circumstances that affect the value of the property.  Additionally, with commercial real estate is it of utmost importance to minimize any potential liability stemming from the transaction.  If there are any environmental issues with the property, the new owner will still have an obligation to get the issue taken care of - and these kinds of issues often cost more to clean up than the property is worth itself.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler know the potential pitfalls and hurdles of a commercial real estate transaction and can help you navigate the way through closing.  

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Contact a commercial real estate lawyer at Harris & Engler today by calling (614) 610-9988.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler are happy to help with any of your commercial real estate contract, lease, purchase, or other transaction or advisement needs.  The commercial real estate attorneys at Harris & Engler have offices in Columbus, Ohio, but also serve clients in Delaware and Union Counties.
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