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When a civil dispute has reached the point where a lawsuit needs to be filed, or a lawsuit already has been filed, then you need the services of a civil litigation attorney.  Harris & Engler is a civil litigation law firm based in Columbus, Ohio that is primarily focused with all aspects of civil litigation in Franklin County, Delaware County, and greater Central Ohio.  Most people need a civil litigation lawyer when they've been hurt in some way by the conduct of another.  Most businesses need a civil litigation attorney when there has been a breach of contract or there has been some event causing potential liability.  The best course of action in a lawsuit can be different depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case.  The civil litigation attorneys at Harris & Engler can help you to develop the best strategy to win your case.

When It Comes Down to Litigation

Proceeding towards litigation of your dispute is an option that nearly every person or business would rather avoid.  Between the court appearances, filing motions, filing discovery requests, subpoenas, depositions, and trials, civil litigation can come with some serious headaches.  But sometimes there is no other option but to litigate your legal issues.  When you need a legal solution and that solution cannot otherwise be obtained by "working it out," then it may be time for litigation.  When it is time to take action and force a result, then that is the time to get a civil litigation lawyer involved.  

The civil litigation lawyer at Harris & Engler handle all aspects of your case and help you develop the strategy best designed to achieve your goals and ideal outcome of the case.

Civil Litigation Attorneys Based Out of Columbus

The litigation attorneys at Harris & Engler put your needs first, work towards your goals, and do everything possible to bring about a successful result to your civil litigation dispute.  If you need a civil litigation attorney in Columbus, Ohio, then call Harris & Engler at (614) 610-9988.  The civil litigation attorneys at Harris & Engler regularly practice in Franklin County, Delaware County, and elsewhere in greater Central Ohio.

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