Businesses That Do Well In Troubled Times Are Businesses That Have A Good Lawyer

There is opportunity in troubled times.  COVID-19 has disproportionately affected certain types of businesses, while leaving other businesses unscathed.  While no one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and its' negative impact on restaurants and other service and retail establishments, every business owner should plan on troubled times happening.  For better or worse, lawyers are trained to look for everything that could go wrong and to try to protect against those things.  There will always be some future event that has a negative impact on your business.  You can't plan for everything, but you can lay the groundwork now to be able to withstand the storm later.

Laying the groundwork consists of having business contracts that are written in your favor and that cover your contingencies.  A well written business contract could have your business collect for their attorney fees and other costs in case of a breach of contract.  Disputes with customers or disputes with other businesses will come up from time to time.  It helps your business to have a teammate in place specially trained to get disputes resolved in your favor, whether outside of court, or in it.  The law firm of Harris & Engler has business and litigation attorneys that can help your business have a go to plan when you need legal help.

The business attorneys at Harris & Engler help businesses get started with their formation, operating agreements, admission of new owners, confidentiality, protection of trade secrets, collections, insurance coverage issues, liabilility issues, breach of contract, and lawsuit initiation and defense.  When you've got a partner that has seen what can go wrong and litigated those issues in court, then you've got a partner that can advise you based on experience.  If you want to know your options and the relative risks behind those options, then you should get to know the business attorneys at Harris & Engler.  

The law firm of Harris & Engler is located in Columbus, Ohio, and it represents businesses local and worldwide with their Ohio legal needs.  For litigation needs, the business litigation attorneys represent clients with cases located in the Central Ohio area.  
Columbus Business Law Firm

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