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The business world runs on contracts.  Contracts create legally-binding obligations and shifts liabilities.  If you are not careful, these contracts can be cleverly worded to shift all of the responsibilities and the liabilities to your business.  Protect yourself and your business.  Seek the advice of an experienced lawyer before you sign anything.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler can assist you with purchase agreements, employment contracts, vendor agreements, non-solicitation contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete contracts, lease agreements and any other contracts you need for your business.  

The attorneys at Harris & Engler can draft all of your company's contracts in a way that offers your company the most protection and greatest rate of return.  The business contract attorneys at Harris & Engler can draft your accounts receivable contracts in a way that ensures that your business is paid and gets the highest rate of interest allowable by law if the account goes to collection.  If payment is not prompt, a contract attorney can draft the provisions to provide that the debt owed to your company is secured by collateral that can be seized in case of default.  Businesses usually incur the most litigation in cases of unpaid debts, breached conracts, and in terminating employees.  

The contract attorneys at Harris & Engler can skillfully draft your businesses' employment agreements and non compete agreements, in addition to your businesses' other contract needs.  When it comes to employee handbooks, businesses are often held to termination procedures that are spelled out in the employee handbook.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler can draft your employee handbook to lay out your policies and procedures, but in a way that does not hold your business bound to such procedures in a court of law.  The law in Ohio presumes that businesses have the right to hire-at-will and fire-at-will, however, some businesses do certain acts or commit certain words to paper that creates a contractual employee relationship.  The contract attorneys at Harris & Engler can help you navigate around such hurdles and help you establish clear practices and procedures to protect your business from this kind of litigation and protect your businesses' ability to hire-at-will and fire-at-will.  

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The law firm of Harris & Engler is located in Columbus, Ohio, and its attorneys help clients with a wide range of legal issues, including skillful contract drafting and business contract review.  If you would like to talk to an attorney about your legal needs, then call (614) 610-9988.
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