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If you or your business has peformed services or provided goods to an individual or a business and you have not been paid, then it is more than frustrating - it affects your livelihood.  It gets personal when an individual or business screws you over by not paying you what you are owed.  It affects your ability to provide for yourself and your family.  In times like those it is best to keep your emotions in check and make some business decisions.  The law firm of Harris Enger LLC represents contractors, tradespeople, small businesses, large businesses, and public corporations all across Ohio to get the money they are owed.  The attorneys at Harris Engler LLC also provide its contractors and business clients with a full spectrum of other legal services, such as lawsuit representation, contract drafting, and property issues.

When Does It Make Sense to Take Legal Action For the Amount You Are Owed?

The honest answer is if you're owed just a few hundred dollars then it is probably not worth the trouble of pursuing legal action.

If you are owed under $6,000, then the action you should take depends on how the debt was incurred.  If you are owed money because you did work on someone's property, then you should file a mechanic's lien.  There are some tight timelines to file a lien so you should contact an attorney at Harris Engler LLC as soon as possible to discuss this option.  

If you are owed under $6,000 for other reasons, then you should consider filing a complaint in small claims court.  Incorporated entities (like LLCs or corporations) cannot file or defend itself in a lawsuit without an attorney.  Basically, the Ohio Supreme Court considers it unauthorized practice of law for anyone other than an attorney to take action to represent a company in court.  Hiring an attorney, even in a small claims case for under $6,000 can often cost a couple thousand dollars.  Although a company will need an attorney no matter the size of the lawsuit, an individual will have to weigh the economic pros and cons of hiring an attorney to represent them in a small claims lawsuit.

Lawsuits Over $6,000

If you or your business are owed over $6,000, then it almost always makes sense to hire an attorney to pursue your case.  Lawsuits are complicated.  There are a lot of different kinds of issues at stake.  You wouldn't try to perform a surgery on yourself and so too you shouldn't try to pursue a high stakes lawsuit on your own.  The attorneys at Harris Engler LLC help individuals and business of all sizes with all their litigation and corporate needs across Ohio.  The law firm of Harris Engler LLC is located in Columbus, Ohio, and for lawsuits its attorneys mostly practice in the Central Ohio counties of Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, Licking, Union, Madison, and Pickaway.
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