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Columbus Real Estate Attorney

The law firm of Harris & Engler is located in Columbus, Ohio, but its' attorneys practice real estate law all over Central Ohio, including Delaware and Union Counties.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler can assist you with a multitude of issues that frequently come up in the areas of real estate law.

Real Estate Transactions

If you need assistance with purchasing or selling your real estate, the attorneys at Harris & Engler are well versed in how to protect you and ensure a smooth transaction.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler represent both buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.  If you are listing your home as "for sale by owner," then you can often get the real estate sale closed much cheaper and more efficiently through the use of an experienced real estate attorney.

Property Disputes

If you need help enforcing a restrictive covenant, or your neighbor is encroaching on your property, the attorneys at Harris & Engler can help you obtain an injunction.  Many times boundary disputes or property damage issues with neighbors can be resolved effectively and easily without resort to a lawsuit; however, depending on the issues involved and the people involved, sometimes filing a lawsuit over your real estate property disputes is a necessary last resort.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler regularly deal with real property disputes in Columbus, Delaware, and greater Central Ohio. 

Real Estate Litigation Attorney

When your real estate issues cannot be resolved otherwise, then there is sometimes no choice but to file a lawsuit.  Whether you are a Plaintiff or Defendant, the attorneys at Harris & Engler are experienced litigators capable of handling your real estate litigation issues.

Landlord-Tenant Attorneys

The attorneys at Harris & Engler represent landlords and tenants in all aspects of landlord-tenant issues.  Landlords all too often use a lease agreement that is not very protective of their interests as a landlord.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler can write a new lease agreement that provides that certain conditions must be met that are particular areas of concern to the landlord.  This has the effect of allowing landlords to file an eviction after a 3-day notice rather than a 30-day notice followed by a 3-day notice if conditions are not met.

Contact a Real Estate Attorney

If you need a real estate attorney in Columbus or Delaware, you can contact a real estate attorney at Harris & Engler today by calling (614) 610-9988.
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